Sunday, March 21, 2010

Teens && Cutting ("EXPLICT IMAGES")

Cutting is it Healthy ?

Have you ever been so depressed or hurt that you just feel that hurting yourself mentally and or physically is the best way to feel better? Well I have! I been struggling with my weight for a while and nothing felt better than cutting.

Number 1 reason teens cut "Emotional Pain". Cutting doesn’t just refer to Emo's or Gothic’s, anyone can cut me you your mom, dad, sister. Emo's are labeled as the #1 cutters since they suffer from "Emotional Pain" the most. Just because your daughter or son is socially active in and has millions of friends does not mean he/she might not cut.

Signs Of Cutting:

1. Scars, such as from burns or cuts
2. Fresh cuts, scratches or other wounds
3. Bruises
4. Broken bones
5. Keeping sharp objects on hand
6. Spending a great deal of time alone
7. Wearing long sleeves or long pants even in hot weather
8. Claiming to have frequent accidents or mishaps

Forms of Self-Injury:
1. Cutting
2. Burning
3. Poisoning
4. Overdosing
5. Carving words or symbols on the skin
6. Breaking bones
7. Hitting or punching
8. Piercing the skin with sharp objects
8. Head banging
9. Pinching
10. Biting
11. Pulling out hair
12. Interfering with wound healing

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