Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lady Gaga Gone Plastic ?!

I Was Speechless!
Hello dolls while online searching for pics of lady gaga for makeup inspiration I found the most magnificent yet weird thing ever Lady Gaga as a doll. No I was not dreaming its all real. The dolls were created by Veik11 on flickr. Yet he has no plan on selling them you can enjoy them from afar.Here are some of my favorites.
Lady Gaga:Paparazzi Lady Gaga:Bad Romance

The Doll;Amazing Huh?

Even if you don't enjoy Lady Gaga's music or think she has a Male Genitalia you can dennie that the dolls look amazing. I was so stunned to find this.

For more pics check out:

The amazing artist behind this.

Enjoy your Friday Dolls


Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Beat boxing & Acapella cover

A weekend full of adventures.

Mother daughter Step-Dad Fun :)

Hello dolls so I went shopping on March 20 with my mom and step dad, and now is wen i got around to blog about it. OK so my day began with a trip to Magic Mall "What you call the Flea Market: flea market or swap meet is a type of bazzar where inexpensive or secondhand goods are sold or bartered " I bought a pair of jeans that you can see in my Back to the 50's blog. We looked around and found a couple of fun things.

I tough he/she? was adorable

Me/My Mom/&& Step dad. "Oink,Oink"

After The Flea Market we were dying to eat something delicious, so we went to a chines buffet "YUMMM". China's Pearl. Fact:I been going here since I first moved to Tampa. Here are some pics.

My favorite Ice Cream my parents hate it. Mint-Chocolate Chip

My step-dad was stuffed my mom had to drive "LMFAO"

Favorite Jeans rigth at the momment: From wetseal 19.99

Ok so that was the end to my day, after that I tried on what my mommy bought me and just blogged and watched tv till like 3:00am. Hope you enjoyed and blog you guys later. "That was very lame" LOLS!


Watagatapitusberry (Remix)-Featuring Pitbull, && Lil Jon.

The song is in double meaning, if you do not know Spanish of the neighborhoods of Santo Domingo, you just not going to understand
Wata = hits, , Gata= girl, pitus= for your, berry= vagina
hits-girl-for your-vagina

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Teens && Cutting ("EXPLICT IMAGES")

Cutting is it Healthy ?

Have you ever been so depressed or hurt that you just feel that hurting yourself mentally and or physically is the best way to feel better? Well I have! I been struggling with my weight for a while and nothing felt better than cutting.

Number 1 reason teens cut "Emotional Pain". Cutting doesn’t just refer to Emo's or Gothic’s, anyone can cut me you your mom, dad, sister. Emo's are labeled as the #1 cutters since they suffer from "Emotional Pain" the most. Just because your daughter or son is socially active in and has millions of friends does not mean he/she might not cut.

Signs Of Cutting:

1. Scars, such as from burns or cuts
2. Fresh cuts, scratches or other wounds
3. Bruises
4. Broken bones
5. Keeping sharp objects on hand
6. Spending a great deal of time alone
7. Wearing long sleeves or long pants even in hot weather
8. Claiming to have frequent accidents or mishaps

Forms of Self-Injury:
1. Cutting
2. Burning
3. Poisoning
4. Overdosing
5. Carving words or symbols on the skin
6. Breaking bones
7. Hitting or punching
8. Piercing the skin with sharp objects
8. Head banging
9. Pinching
10. Biting
11. Pulling out hair
12. Interfering with wound healing

For more info check out:


Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back to the 50's

Hello Dolls lets take a trip back to the 50's shoes.

I Love Vintage.

On my shopping spree with my mother 2 weeks ago, I saw this shoes from the new OlsenBoys collection at JCP && they looked like the perfect accessory to any outfit. To 1 to 10 in comfort I have to say a 7, maybe is just me, since I have very awkward feet but the sides were uncomftorble. I don’t recommend wearing this too long or your feet will hurt like hell. I love these shoes I can’t wait to wear them :D

Happy Shopping Everyone!

Shoes: Jc Penny OlsenBoys Collection ("No yet available online")

Price: About $24.00

Link To JCP's OlsenBoys Collection-

Jeans: Magic Mall In Florida. Price: "About $30.00"

"Shake Rattle & Roll" - Elvis Presley