Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lady Gaga Gone Plastic ?!

I Was Speechless!
Hello dolls while online searching for pics of lady gaga for makeup inspiration I found the most magnificent yet weird thing ever Lady Gaga as a doll. No I was not dreaming its all real. The dolls were created by Veik11 on flickr. Yet he has no plan on selling them you can enjoy them from afar.Here are some of my favorites.
Lady Gaga:Paparazzi Lady Gaga:Bad Romance

The Doll;Amazing Huh?

Even if you don't enjoy Lady Gaga's music or think she has a Male Genitalia you can dennie that the dolls look amazing. I was so stunned to find this.

For more pics check out:

The amazing artist behind this.

Enjoy your Friday Dolls


Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Beat boxing & Acapella cover

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