Sunday, April 4, 2010

Damages Of Putting Hair In Ponytail.

PonyTails and how they affect you?!Pony tails we all seen it done it and know we find out the damaging affects of it. Any time you put your hair in a situation where the hair is under constant tension, you run the risk of damaging your hair. You should also try to avoid pulling the ponytail too tight, to minimize the amount of tension on the hair. The hair can become stretched and the cuticle layer can become distorted. In severe cases, you develop frizzy hair and breakage. In addition, some ponytail elastics can cause damage on their own, and only snag-free elastic bands (without metal connectors) should be used.Better still, you should look for accessories like “scrunchies” which are usually covered in smooth fabrics that minimize the friction against the hair, and hold the hair more loosely. I always like to wear scrunchies with little details like a flower or butterflies.
I remember when I was younger flipping my hair to the side and making this high side ponytail that would almost touch my forehead. So whats your ponytail story ?

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