Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dont Want No Paper Gansta. "Review"

Beats By Dr. Dre Lady Gaga Heartbeats In-Ear Headphones.
Hello Dolls I been wanting the Lady Gaga earphones for a while but there just too expensive. On Wednesday my friend came to chat to me and he had on the Lady Gaga earphones, I totally freaked out and stared jumping and screaming. I asked him where he got them from he told me from Hot topic. I was surprised to find out that Hot topic sold them at such an amazing prize. Now is when I got around to hit to look for the earphones and guess what?! I found them, at an amazing prize of $99.95. My jaw dropped with enthusiasm. But then again I can’t still afford them I really can’t wait to start babysitting again and or working.

I tried on the earphones and they blocked all the noise around me and it was just one ear. They were really comfy and fun to wear they offer great sound. They don’t tangle because of the way they are built. There is also custom fit for different ear whole you would say. For the 10 or 20 minutes I had them they were amazing. I give this 5 out of 5 stars. The packaging is marvelous. In general everything is amazing.

Where to purchase:
Price: Was: $119.95 Now: $99.95

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